star rate services


Star energy ratings

A NatHERS star rating evaluates the thermal performance of a home or building on a scale between zero stars (poor performance), and 10 stars (outstanding performance). In most cases the minimum requirement is 6 stars, for either a new dwelling or home addition/extension. A star rating can only be achieved using NatHERS approved software.


A report addressing all aspects of Energy Efficiency in the current NCC (National Construction Code) Volumes, for all relevant classes of building. A Deem-To-Satisfy assessment must meet all minimum requirements for compliance.

Alternative solution

Tailored solutions for the not-so-straight-forward building proposals, using a combination of approved methods to gain Energy Efficiency compliance.

Energy Compliance Audit Inspection

*NEW SERVICE* Our energy compliance report verifies the required energy efficiency items (or thermal improvements), are installed in the new build to the specified level and in accordance with the manufacturers specification. This new service includes a site inspection at an agreed stage of the build (eg, after insulation installed but prior to it being lined), and a detailed report of sited energy efficiency items, relevant supporting documentation and signed by Star Rate Services as Accredited Thermal Performance Assessors. Please contact us to discuss and we'll be happy to provide you with a firm quotation for this service.

existing dwelling suitability assessment (for pre-purchase)

A BTPAR (Building Thermal Performance Assessment Report), can provide guidance with property pre-purchase. Our service includes assessment of the existing building for current thermal performance (star rating), a review of options to improve performance including associated indicative costings, as well as provision of a base CAD drawing/3D model of the building for possible future upgrade/addition/alteration.

precursor advice services

Providing Energy Efficiency guidance advice for proposed new buildings or dwelling additions/extensions, prior to requiring compliance. Our service includes:

  • discussion with architect/building designer and owner to undertake scoped thermal performance modelling to optimise a final concept design
  • a developed understanding of the thermal performance of your design before lodging a development application
  • scoping study for onsite renewable energy generation options

cost advice

We also provide an add-on service for those clients seeking additional options to maximise cost returns on investment for energy efficiency. If your budget allows for some discretionary spending to get the best return on investment, we can assist with advice on where your money could be best spent (e.g., more insulation, better shading, high performance glazing etc).